Deron Drumm

Deron has reshaped his life by incorporating intentional living practices. After years of struggling, he found peace and health when he stopped seeing himself as a victim and started to take ownership of his past and present actions. Yoga, meditation, healthy relationships, positive habits and nutritious foods have allowed him to live his life free of the destructive behaviors he once engaged in. The workshops he facilitates are designed to help maximize one’s human experience.

Kelvin Young

Kelvin believes that healing begins from within. After many years of battling with drug addiction and depression, he began his healing process in prison. While incarcerated, Kelvin learned about the restorative powers of meditation and yoga, which helped him look within to find peace in a very hostile and restrictive environment.

While incarcerated, he learned how to understand and accept the root causes of his emotional pain and suffering, which had lead him to a drug dependency. Today, Kelvin sustains a healthy lifestyle by eating a vegan-based diet, practicing meditation on a regular basis, spending quality time in nature, and building healthy relationships with others.

Episode Outline (video description):

Kelvin & Deron each share about their personal life journeys, explaining how the particularly difficult times became the catalysts towards their greatest inner growth and healing. As a result of this inner growth and healing, Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited was born and Deron shares about how this came to fruition. Kelvin and Deron each talk about the various programs offered at Tovio, and their belief that no one should be denied the benefits of yoga, meditation or any of our offerings based on socioeconomic standing, psychiatric history and/or experiences with addiction. Deron shares an example of one of many teachings/practices a visitor at Toivo could potentially hear on any given day, citing Pema Chodron’s “4 R’s” (What are Pema’s “4 R’s”? You’ll just have to check out the interview to find out). The three of us also discuss the vision for this new Healing Journey web series and much more!