1477 Park Street, Suite 102, Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 296-2338

Why Toivo?

Toivo is a peer-run, non-profit initiative that includes statewide classes, workshops and a center for holistic healing and stress management. Donation-based offerings include yoga, meditation, qigong, sound healing, laughter yoga, drumming, creative expression, healing arts, support groups and more. Toivo activities are offered regularly at the center in Hartford as well as in psychiatric hospitals, addiction rehab facilities, club houses, shelters, prisons, schools, senior centers, corporations, community events and conferences. Most importantly, Toivo is a community, a safe space to find support and understanding. We believe that human connection is essential to healing. It is at the heart of everything we do.

Toivo is a place where we can participate in our own well-being by engaging in activities that calm our bodies, relax our minds and nourish our souls.

We find strength, empowerment and a sense of ownership over our experiences when we tap into our innate capacity to heal. With a variety of offerings we encourage each person who walks through the doors to find the healing practices that work best for them.

When we engage in activities like those offered at Toivo, we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system induces a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the mind and body, which increases our ability to think clearly, respond to challenges thoughtfully and heal more efficiently. Through regular participation in these practices we improve our ability to habitually return to a state of balance and harmony.

Our Founder

Toivo was founded by Deron Drumm, former Executive Director of Advocacy Unlimited. Deron’s love for people, passion for holistic healing and stress management and his commitment to making these practices available to everyone made Toivo what it is today. We continue this work in his honor.