Chatting Drums, Mandala Art Workshops, Nutrition and Transformative Habits are just a few of the workshops offered at Toivo, as well as in the community. Our expert facilitators have brought their workshops to club houses, psychiatric hospitals, local mental health authorities, conferences and beyond. Our workshops provide an opportunity to tap into creativity, learn new things and try something different!

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Soil for the Soul

Soil for the Soul Join us on Mondays for a journey of healing the soul through soil and plants. Learn how plants can increase the wellness in different aspects of your life. Discover how gardening [...]

Chatting Drums

Chatting Drums In Chatting Drums, we play soothing instruments, talk about our concerns or topics that interest us and listen to each other. Chatting Drums is an approach for reaching the soul of a person. [...]

Mandala Art for Healing

Mandala Art for Healing Mandala Art Workshops led by Donna Gentile of Community Mandala Project are fun and inspiring visual meditations. Incorporating music and a relaxing creative process, the workshops are a journey inward to the [...]

Writing Our Stories

Writing Our Stories An opportunity to explore creative writing as a means for advancing one's personal journey towards health and well-being. Everyone is given a chance to share what they have written with the group [...]

Transformative Habits

Transformative Habits Habits can shape the trajectory of our lives. How do actions become habits? How does an activity go from stressful to routine – like driving a car (remember worrying about the center line [...]


Nutrition In today’s society we have so many food choices and it is sometimes difficult to decide what the best choice for optimal nutrition is. We are fortunate in the United States to have nutrition [...]

Mindful Music Listening

How does your favorite song make you feel? Does it make you feel happy, joyful, energetic, sad, angry or hostile? Being mindful of the music we listen to and how it makes us feel is the purpose of the Mindful Music Listening class.