Project Description

Beyond Anger & Violence

Dr. Stephanie Covington created this inspiring curriculum, presented in workshop form, to start the conversation with women about anger and violence. Many women have spent years focusing their anger inward or outward and have established patterns in their lives that may have created difficult circumstances and/or resulted in unpleasant consequences. This twenty-session workshop, divided into four segments, invites us to explore different areas of our lives. The sessions focus on our strengths and help us to examine the ways that we, as women, express our emotions. This workshop will allow for open discussion around the sensitive topics of anger and violence and provide positive suggestions we can apply to our lives. We will learn together and from one another. We will continue working toward being our best selves, for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, and for our world. This 20-week workshop is divided into four – 5 week segments. We accept new members every five weeks – each time we begin a new segment.


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