Project Description

Mandala Art for Healing

Mandala Art Workshops led by Donna Gentile of Community Mandala Project are fun and inspiring visual meditations. Incorporating music and a relaxing creative process, the workshops are a journey inward to the center of self, and an expression outward from the soul. A mandala is a design inside a circle that radiates out. It is an ancient art form with natural healing benefits to mind, body and spirit.

Using the ancient art of the mandala along with mixed-media art techniques, the power of positive thought and our own personal stories, we create vibrant designs that teach us to celebrate our authentic selves, tell our new stories, visualize our goals and manifest our dreams. During the process, a sense of wholeness and well-being is restored to mind, body and spirit. Mandalas help us focus our thoughts, explore natural self-healing, overcome limiting beliefs and manifest the transformations we desire in life!


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