Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Heartfelt and explorative classes. Students will experience fluid vinyasas combined with longer holdings to build strength, flexibility and improve balance. These Hatha style classes also incorporate meditation, centering and breath work. Every student is encouraged to find their own expression of each pose. Calendar More Offerings Contact

Chair Yoga

Practice of traditional yoga postures and techniques while seated in a chair or utilizing a chair for support.

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation Sound healing meditation uses Tibetan singing bowls and gongs to uplift the spirit and quiet the mind. These instruments have been found to affect the body on many levels. Vibrations soothe the nervous system and invite the release of tight muscles, holding patterns, stress, anxiety and depression. Together in sacred space, experience [...]

Fitness & Strength Training

Fitness & Strength Training Circuit and weight training, cardio, and full body workouts - these classes will assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Classes will not only help relieve stress but will also leave you feeling accomplished. Whether just starting your fitness journey or striving towards optimal health, these classes will target all [...]


​Zumba exercise classes are "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy to follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.


​Increasing daily movement can boost energy level, brighten mood, strengthen immunity and level sleep cycle. Walking or running can mitigate mental decline and improve memory.