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Community Wellness

Are you interested in bringing one or more of Toivo’s offerings to your agency, business or event?

Community Classes

Since Toivo opened in 2014 the team has traveled all over Connecticut and other parts of the United States bringing holistic healing modalities and stress management techniques to psychiatric hospitals, addiction rehab facilities, club houses, shelters, prisons, schools, senior centers, corporations, community events and conferences. Whether you are looking for a one-time workshop or a regular class to enhance your list of offerings, Toivo’s offsite wellness activities can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Healing from Within

Healing from Within (HFW) is a distinct Toivo initiative that began as a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) funded project, and is now fully self-sustaining. Under this program, Toivo staff provide holistic healing and stress-management groups on inpatient psychiatric units in Connecticut. The groups encourage people receiving services and staff to incorporate these practices into their daily lives to decrease stress and increase their sense of well-being. HFW groups are currently being held on 17 inpatient units across Connecticut.

Healing from Within Train the Trainer

Healing from Within (HFW) Train the Trainer program was created to train staff that are interested in using this program on their inpatient units.  HFW Train the Trainer program is a full day training that provides an introduction to many mind-body wellness practices that can be shared in a group format to reduce stress and increase healing. Participants will be given the context, skills and techniques necessary to facilitate HFW groups in a thoughtful and trauma-informed way.


Healing Arts Spaces are like pop-up spas and are typically conducted at conferences. However, you can also create a space at your agency or business for staff members or program participants. With one-on-one or small group sessions in Reiki, Massage and Acupuncture, coupled with calming music, candles and aromatherapy, Healing Arts Spaces serve as a safe place to pause, breathe, relax and renew.

Let the Toivo Team facilitate your next retreat or training! Are you looking for ways to make your group more cohesive and connected? Would you like to treat your team to a day of nourishing practices or skill-building activities in appreciation of their work? Is burn-out becoming a staple of your giving profession? If so, a staff retreat or training might be just what you are looking for.

Staff retreats

Toivo retreats are hand-crafted to meet the specific needs and interests of your group. We work with you to design a schedule that includes your choice of stress management education modules, healing arts and/or group practices like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and sound healing. We provide the space and guidance to help you access a state of deep relaxation so you leave feeling nourished, restored and ready to return to the work you love.

3 Essential Connections

3 Essential Connections, or 3EC, is a holistic approach to stress management. 3EC is appropriate for anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life while maintaining personal agency. This educational and experiential program was designed to support you in creating a stress-resilient lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others and nature. Participants will take a deep dive into each connection to better understand why disconnection occurs in the first place, and to learn a variety of techniques that can be used to relieve stress and resolve separation.


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