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Toivo Calendar

One-time offerings in september:


Friday, September 3rd Community Drum & Dance Circle at Pope Park from 2:30-3:30pm

Tuesday, September 21st Sound Healing: Winds of Change from 6:30-7am

Tuesday, September 28th Yoga at Pope Park from 10-11am

 RSVP is required for outdoor events.
Call Nichole at (860) 995-9488 or email nlangless@toivocenter.org.

To keep our online spaces safe and to honor everyone’s time, groups will start and stop on time
For groups that last 30 minutes, you will not be admitted after 5 minutes of starting time.
For groups that last 1 hour, you will not be admitted after 10 minutes of starting time.
Reach out to info@toivocenter.org if you have questions about accessing our online offerings, registration is not necessary.
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