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We provide an array of offerings at our center for holistic healing in Hartford and across Connecticut. Our friendly, supportive instructors can help you find the modality that feels right for you.
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Feel safe and welcome to join the conversation in one of our many support groups. Based on the principles of mutual support, our groups offer an opportunity to learn from others as well as share the wisdom gained through your own lived experience.
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Our community wellness activities bring holistic healing modalities and techniques to your location. Choose from a one-time workshop or a regular class when and where you want it.
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Welcome to Toivo

Toivo is a community, a safe place to find support and understanding. We believe that human connection is essential to healing and it is at the heart of everything we do.

Experiences at Toivo

Since my beginning at Toivo yoga classes it’s been like an all around change. Love the support and friendship. It has helped me with my body pain, my focus and my time to me.

–Carmen Reyes Veguilla

Experiences at Toivo

Yoga helps me to relax more. It is good for my health. It is an opportunity for me to socialize with other people. I appreciate the healthy lifestyle tips that the teachers have given me. And most importantly, I go to yoga because of the love and attention I get from the teacher and other students.

–Lydia Reyes

Experiences at Toivo

I have been able to participate in a wide range of events that have been offered by Toivo, from Tai Chi to Sound Healing.  I am always impressed with the variety and scope of offerings presented by Toivo.  The staff have been humble, compassionate and inspiring.  Spending time at Toivo has helped me heal, grow and become a healthier person.

–Craig Best

Experiences at Toivo

I loved attending your Meditative Coloring workshop. The group was warm and friendly; it made me a little sad that it lasted only an hour. My only complaint is that I wish you weren’t so far from home. If it was near Southington, I would’ve loved to take advantage of your other classes (e.g., tai chi and chair yoga). I’m hoping to return back again.

–Annu Patel

Experiences at Toivo

Words can’t begin to express the immense support that you have freely and kindly given to me during my crisis and stay here at the Mercy Housing Shelter. Your abundant sponsorship and encouragement on how life does go on after a hardship, has humbly and gracefully lifted and eased my heavy heart in my time of emergency, and all though it may not seem as if I’ve indicated my gratitude I hope this letter will help me fill that void.


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At our center you can engage in a variety of classes, workshops and support groups. Ask the team for more information or go straight to our calendar.

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We understand what it is like to struggle and what it is like to navigate the healing journey. If you have a question related to health and wellness or if you need support, just reach out to the Toivo team.

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Toivo provides a wealth of information and resources to support you on your path to health, happiness and well-being.

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