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Alternatives to Suicide

Thoughts of suicide and attempts are among the most marginalized human experiences. The experience itself is isolating. Many people with suicidal urges carry shame and have learned to keep silent about their feelings. Alt2su is a Harm Reduction model that takes a different perspective than traditional Suicide Prevention.


What is Alt2su? How is it different than traditional forms of Suicide prevention? There is no referral or assessment process. There is no formal attendance taken at any group. No one is going to force you to go to the hospital for talking openly about suicidal experiences. At Alt2su, we recognize the fear of forced hospitalization as a contributing factor to why some folks may not ever talk about these experiences. We recognize that if people do not have a supportive space to discuss suicidal thoughts or ideations, they become more likely to attempt. Our aim is not only to provide support but take the shame and stigma off of these experiences.

To learn more about some of our values, here is a pdf for the network charter. Alternatives to Suicide was developed by the Wildflower Alliance in Western Massachusetts, in 2008.


Alt2su trainings are available on YouTube. If you are looking for additional information on training and/or other opportunities please visit Wildflower Alliance Trainings. For additional information on Alt2su trainings and offerings, please contact Jennifer Tirado at jtirado@toivocenter.org.

An Overview of the “Alternatives to Suicide” Approach

N.A.P.S. Webinar #43 – The “Alternatives to Suicide” Approach


Here’s information on our current support groups.

Alternatives to Suicide Sundays
Every Sunday from 6-7:30pm
For more info and Zoom link contact Toivo (connect@toivocenter.org)

Alternatives to Suicide Zoom Mondays
Every Monday from 3:30-5pm
For Zoom link contact Heidi Veiner (hviener@toivocenter.org)

Alternatives to Suicide Middletown
Every Tuesday from 6:30-8pm
At Free Center Middletown
52 North Main Street, Middletown
For more information contact Claudia (weizbackup@gmail.com)

Alternatives to Suicide Hartford
Every Wednesday from 5-6:30pm
At Toivo
1477 Park St, Suite 102, Hartford
For more information contact Toivo (connect@toivocenter.org)

Alternatives to Suicide Danbury
Every Wednesday from 6-7:30pm
At UU Congregation of Danbury
24 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury
For more information contact Linda (seayalt2su@gmail.com)

Alternatives to Suicide Zoom Thursdays
Every Thursday from 6:30-8pm
For Zoom link contact Tina (tinacuriousrecovery@gmail.com)


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Positive Directions

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