1477 Park Street, Suite 102, Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 296-2338

Why Toivo?

Toivo is a Center for Holistic Healing. Toivo is the Finnish word for “HOPE”.

Our lived experience related to mental health, substance use, and trauma allows us to share mind-body practices with understanding, accessibility, and compassion.

Toivo offers a sacred space to explore holistic healing through a variety of modalities. By engaging in activities that calm our bodies, relax our minds, and nourish our souls, we can foster individual and community wide well-being.

Our offerings are donation based. Any monetary contributions are appreciated, however no one is turned away for a lack of funds. Your presence is enough.

Our Founder

Toivo was founded by Deron Drumm, former Executive Director of Advocacy Unlimited. Deron’s love for people, passion for holistic healing and stress management and his commitment to making these practices available to everyone made Toivo what it is today. We continue this work in his honor.