1477 Park Street, Suite 102, Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 296-2338


Did Toivo move?

Our new space at 1477 Park Street, Suite 102, Hartford, CT opened on February 3, 2020. All activities are held at this location.

Toivo is the Finnish word for hope.


Toivo is a peer-run center for holistic healing. Collectively, our staff has experienced mental health and substance use challenges, trauma, homelessness, hospitalizations, incarceration, abuse and other devastating personal circumstances. Utilizing the techniques offered at Toivo, we have transformed our lives. From a place of gratitude and understanding, as well as expert training, we share these modalities with others. Whether you or a loved one is currently struggling or you are simply looking for accessible and affordable ways to establish or maintain your health and well-being, we welcome you, just as you are.

Toivo is open to everyone. Regardless of your experience or background with holistic modalities, we welcome you to join us and find the activity that is right for you.

The Toivo logo is a lotus flower.  A lotus flower grows in water with its roots in the mud.  The mud represents pain and suffering.  The lotus represents transformation, rising above circumstance and finding meaning in the struggle. The heart within the flower represents our heart-centered approach to everything we do.

All offerings are donation based. Your presence is enough, and we appreciate any monetary contributions you are able to make.

RSVPing for classes in advance is a practice we greatly appreciate. You can pre-register online using the calendar or by using the Toivo app available on Apple and Android phones.

We do not ask participants to sign up for memberships, commit to a certain number of classes or join for any specific length of time. We hope you will drop in when the time feels right and continue coming for as long as you like!

We do not require referrals or insurance.

You are welcome to bring your own supplies and equipment; however, we do provide all the necessary equipment and materials for our activities.

Fitness or yoga clothing is not required or expected.  You are encouraged to come as you are and wear what you feel most comfortable in. That being said, for movement-based classes, we do suggest wearing clothes that are stretchy, loose or easy to move in.

We often get inquiries from scent sensitive individuals who are new to our space. We feel that making spaces scent conscious increases accessibility and supports the inclusion of everyone.

You can help support this mission by refraining from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne, and fragrant personal care products while in the Toivo space

If scents will be used in an offering, such as herb burning and/or essential oils, we will make note of this on promotional material. This gives community members time and space to decide if the offering is a good fit for them. 

*While we encourage everyone entering our space to be mindful of the above, we cannot guarantee Toivo as a scent-free space. We are a scent conscious space. 

We do not offer childcare, but we do offer family-focused classes from time to time. Even when we do not have family-focused classes on the schedule, the majority of our regular activities are open to children as long as they are interested in participating.

Yes. The rear entrance to the building is handicap accessible.

If you are in need of additional support or accommodations, please call us directly so we can do our best to prepare before you arrive.

Free parking is available in the back of the building. The parking lot entrance is located off of Bartholomew Avenue.

As Toivo staff members, we use our lived experience to support others. As long as we are available, we will gladly meet with you. When possible, calling ahead can help to ensure that someone will be available to speak with you.

We do not have set volunteer or internship opportunities available at Toivo. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us directly to see if we have a need you can support us with.

We are always interested in hearing about different workshop, group and training ideas and we love to connect with new teachers we haven’t met! If you are interested in sharing your offerings with our community, please e-mail us at connect@toivocenter.org.